If you build it…

lego-169603_640 This week I finally managed to go to a play, okay I was actually sat in front of my laptop in my kitchen, but I did see the acclaimed production of Much Ado About Nothing with Catherine Tate and David Tennant via Digital Theatre. A fine example of Art and Technology coming together.

This weekend is my nephew’s 3rd birthday, cue party with lots of toddlers! Here’s my pick of what else you can do in London this weekend.

photographer-legoBuild it and they will come

I’ve always considered my Lego creations as pieces of art and now there is a whole exhibition dedicated to amazing Lego sculptures. Located near where I work, just off Brick Lane appropriately, The Art of Brick has been on a Worldwide tour and has finally arrived in the UK. I don’t think I’ll be saving this one for the weekend as it will be pretty busy, I think I’ll head out in my lunch hour and get my Lego fix. Suitable for all ages this is a great chance to get little ones interested in art, or to show them what can be done with their plastic bricks. At the end of the exhibition there is a room full of Lego for you to leave your own little piece of art behind. Lots of fun!

child and bookStar Spotting

I really love the idea of a Centre for storytelling. I’ve not been there yet but Discover Story Telling Centre in Stratford seems like a magical place. Join them this weekend for a fully immersive installation of the works of the writer and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers. If you want to attend an event you need to book in advance but there are plenty of other things to do there such as following their indoor story trail, dressing up and playing giant musical instruments in the garden.

 Japan Matsuri

Walking through Spitalfields Market at lunchtime and suddenly I find myself in the midst of a Japanese cartoon.  These characters were advertising tomorrow’s Japan Matsuri, an annual event that celebrates everything Japanese. There was also a group of people doing Radio Exercise, which is a popular exercise in Japan where schools and offices get together in the morning and exercise for 3 minutes. I’m not a big exercise fan but even I was really drawn to this. Despite having just eaten my lunch I liked the idea of a quick stretch to ease the aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk all day, and the music was very relaxing. So based on Radio Exercise and Yurukyara Mascots, I think the Japan Matsuri might be a good day!

There will be performances of Radio Taiso (exercise), a Yurukyara show, music, and activity tent, traditional family games and lots of Japanese food.