10 Alternative Tours

circuit boardYou’ve taken the red London bus tour or the duck tour and you think you know London? Think again. Try one of these unusual tours and see if you still view London in the same way.

Get Techy – Silicon Roundabout tour

If you are interested in technology then you will know about Silicon Valley. But Silicon Roundabout is our very own technology hub. Learn all about which companies have made their home near Old Street tube and the importance of this cluster of new technology businesses to the country’s economy.

Get Spooked – London Ghost Walks

Did you know London is meant to be the most haunted capital city in the world? If you want to go ghost hunting what better way than a guided walking tour of London. Fun and informative this makes a unique way to the sights.

East End 060

Art or Vandalisim? You decide – Street Art London Tour

Could you spot a Banksy on the streets of London? Take a tour of London’s fashionable East End and learn about the art in graffiti. Don’t forget to take your camera so you can create some art work of your own.

Quirky – Quirky London tour

Yes there is actually a tour named the Quirky London Tour.  This historical tour covers all the weird and wonderful aspects of London’s heritage, all in one convenient package.

Going Underground – London Underground tour

I know very little about the tube, just that it gets me from A to B and when it doesn’t work traveling across London becomes an adventure in itself. You can learn all about the Underground on an Underground Tour.

public toiletSpend a penny – Loo Tours

Take a tour of London’s public toilets. Seriously. It is always good to know where the nearest public toilet is, especially if you are on a day out with the family, now meet the toilet lady, Rachel Erickson, and she will tell you all you need to know.

Tour of Rock – Access all Areas – Rock Tours

Take a mini bus tour of locations associated with The Rolling Stones. Also available are Pink Floyd tours, The Beatles and Queen.

PG – Greenwich Family Safari Secret mission: Family Trail Around GreenwichVintage Bicycle

Dotmaker have designed two tours especially for kids and teenagers. Kids can go on a safari around Greenwich or go undercover on a secret mission.

Forget walking, Bike it – Hampton Court Palace Bike tours

Take a leisurely bike ride from Richmond to Hampton Court Palace on vintage bicycles.

What a Dump – A Rubbish Trip

Learn about London’s relationship with rubbish, past, present and future.

London busDo your own thing

Walking around London is no new thing, thousands of tourists descend on London daily to pound the streets. But why not give yourself a challenge or a theme? ‘Ladies who Bus’ is a group of women who are completing every bus journey in London. You can read about Linda, Mary and Jo’s adventures on their blog, London Buses: One Bus at a Time.

If you prefer walking, why not try walking each postcode, one postcode at a time? This is exactly what Stephen is doing. He gives details of his walks on his blog Walking London One Postcode at a Time, so you can try the walks yourself or you can even join him on his walks.