Scientists, trainspotters, inventors, lend me your ears…

autumn-101329_640Winter may have been delayed by a few weeks but it is definitely on its way. The nights are drawing in and I don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, let alone running around London getting my fix of Art at the weekend.

If you are still up for enjoying autumnal London it is time to bring out your inner geek with this weeks picks.


circuitboardPop up science fair

My real inner geek is starting to show itself with this pick (you should see the next one), but what better than a fun day that is also educational? What about a whole month of Science, Technology, Design and Innovation? Technopop brings together these disciplines, kicking off this weekend with Aviation, Weather, Astronomy and Space Exploration. There will be lots of interactive activities and workshops but you do have to book in advance. It is aimed at 6 to 19 year old’s but you know you will have an amazing time learning alongside your kids.

It kind of reminds me of a maths roadshow I went to (mandatory school trip) with Johnny Ball, but better. This is the digital age after all.



Steam Extravaganza steam

I used to like going to steam rallies when I was younger, not entirely sure why! But there is something fascinating about the workings of an engine. And Kings Cross Steam Extravaganza offers a bit more than just trains. There will be live music, from the funky Dixieland Jazz Band and refreshments, a coal shoveling competition, a Dry Ice and Water show and a Victorian Photo Booth.