Open House

open door

This is the weekend that London throws open the doors of its hidden and mysterious buildings and welcomes you in. I’m wondering what people would make if they came round our flat without giving me the chance to stuff the cupboards full of the debris that covers the floor on an average day. Unannounced guests would certainly think that we’d been burgled. It looks like a child is in charge which is not far from the truth.

This weekend I’ll be going to my first, and probably last, BBQ of the year. Perhaps not noteworthy for many but when you love a good BBQ but lack a garden, each one becomes a special event. I’m not sure it will be the most relaxing affair, as NCT gatherings rarely are, and we’d just had word that the youngest bubba has finally taken those first few steps, but it will be fun. It will also give me the opportunity to lust over someone else’s lovely house as we struggle to move forward in our house purchase.

Open house signIf you are interested in architecture, historic buildings or you’re just a bit nosy like me, Open House weekend is perfect for you.

Running since 1992 the event will this year have over 800 open buildings, talks and walks. The aim is to open up buildings and spaces that the general public generally don’t get access to.

Toynbee Hall will be hosting a special family open day which gives you the opportunity to look around their lovely building including rehearsal rooms where many famous actors have rehearsed. I have run workshops there and it is also near where I work now and I can recommend their cafe! With Arts and Crafts, music and food the event is aimed at bringing together the local community.

For more events for young children and families there is now a special selection of events called Open House Junior. Children will have the opportunity to build cities at City Hall, go on exploration trails through the city and visit some of the Open House buildings with family activities.


There are so many interesting buildings to explore such as BBC Television Centre, Hackney Empire and Battersea Power station, your are sure to find something that will interest or inspire you.