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europe flagIts that time of year again when we gather together to celebrate the best Europop has to offer. Or not so much celebrate as point and laugh at on social media. That is if we bother to watch at all. Yes it is Eurovision.


Molly Smitten-Downs

Molly Smitten-Downs


I remember trying to stay up late to watch Eurovision as a kid. My sister and I would give all the acts scores for their outfits, dance routines and songs. I even had a ‘rip-off’ skirt like the Bucks Fizz women. We wouldn’t make it to the end and in the morning we weren’t that interested in who had actually won. But I still remember it as a fun occasion. So why not grab the kids or your mates and have a party? If you are not convinced and want to go out, there are places you can go in London to watch it and party at the same time.

Eurovision, 8pm Saturday BBC1

Places to watch Eurovision


Music & Comedy

Like your music even more funny than Eurovision? Try the Rubberbandits. Combining rap, hip hop and comedy this duo are performing as part of the Uderbelly Festival which runs until 13th July. The Rubberbandits won the Best musical Comedy Act 2012 in the Chortle Awards. Adults only.

Rubberbandits, Saturday 7.45pm, Uderbelly


Organ keysSomething Serene

If you are looking for a different kind of music, something a bit more relaxing, try the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music which starts this weekend. There is a full programme of recitals, services, talks and concerts at various locations around London, celebrating choral and organ music.

London Festival of Contemporary Church Music, 10th – 18th May