How to enjoy London without leaving the sofa

tv remoteWhat a week I’ve had, I’m so glad it is the weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be getting creative this weekend as, after a major setback, we’re back to looking around houses in our spare time. Not what you want to be doing after a full week at work, I want to spend the weekend with my feet up on the sofa. Which got me thinking, can I appreciate all London has to offer without actually leaving our flat?


I like a trip to the theatre but it can be pricey and now the cost would have to include the price of a babysitter. I also like to watch TV (when I have the chance!), so what a good idea to bring those two things together. Digital Theatre is a website where you can view recordings of top theatre shows from the West End and beyond. Couldn’t get tickets for Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant? No problem. Didn’t fancy standing outside at The Globe? There’s a whole Shakespeare’s globe collection. There are also plenty of Musicals and Opera too. There is something for everyone and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your sofa or worry about queuing for the loo at half time. You can even have your half time drinks at the beginning, middle and end.

In a similar vein is NT live. Recordings of National Theatre shows shown in cinemas across the country if you fancy bringing the West End local.

In times of stress it is nice to find a quiet hour or so to go and look around a museum or gallery and take a look at some beautiful things or learn some interesting facts. If you can find some time on your own, lock yourself in the loo if necessary (parents of toddlers will understand), you can explore 30,000 items from the British Library‘s collection including maps, religious books, photographs and digital exhibitions.

If you want to share the delights of digital resources with the little ones, or you simply can’t get away from them, try the Natural History Museum’s pages. Try testing their knowledge of dinosaurs with the Dino Directory, or go to the Kids Only page for projects and quizzes.

If you are feeling creative, why not take a lesson at the National portrait Gallery? Part of their digital collection is a series of master classes by Ron Bowen the American artist and teacher. You can learn the art of portrait painting in the comfort of your own home.

breadIf you can’t make it to a farmers market this weekend but still want your artisan loaf to make your bacon butty, with a little bit of forward planning you can still have a feast fit for an artisan queen. Tilia is an online food market bringing together the best local produce from across London and delivering it to your door.

You really can wear your pjs all weekend and enjoy London from your living room!