Another Bank Holiday?

Rainbow UmbrellaIs the best thing about May the fact that it has 2 Bank Holidays? Silly question. The weather looks typical for a British Bank holiday so you best plan some activities, and take an umbrella.





designer necklaceDesigner Fleas

London’s first designer flea market in Soho will bring together London’s up and coming talent to sell directly to the public. Shop for arts and crafts or simply feel cool and hang out with the artisans.

Soho Flea Market, Dean Street, Sunday 11-7pm



I love it when museums do something a little bit different. The last Sunday of every month you can relax in the gardens of Brunel Museum, with a cocktail, while your little ones are entertained with gardening activities or traditional games. Book tickets in advance.

HaHaHopscotch, Brunel Museum, Sunday 3pm


I’ve always had a soft spot for Greg Proops as I remember how funny I used to think Whose Line is it Anyway? was (I was a tween at the time who loved innocently playing the same games in drama lessons). He now has a very popular podcast The Smartest man in the World and now is the chance to be in the live audience as he records it. Should be a giggle.

Soho Theatre, Sunday, 9.30pm