Keep on running

176This Sunday is the London marathon. I’ve never had the urge to run a marathon myself but I have a huge amount of respect for all the crazily dressed ‘fun’ runners out there. If you’re not pounding the streets, or lining the streets cheering people on here, are a few things to keep you busy, you’ll probably need to run a marathon with all the foodie events going on this weekend.

Food glorious food

Close up of burgerPerhaps not exactly art or culture but it will be an education, the Urban Food Fest starts this weekend with a special Where’s Wally theme. Running every Saturday night until June 21st you can sample something different every time you visit, from gourmet burgers to stone baked pizza, crepes to doughnuts. There will also be music and entertainment adding to the party feel.

If you don’t stuff yourself silly on Saturday night, there is another opportunity on Sunday with Munch Food Festival. While you watch the marathon runners at Tower Bridge you can sample London’s best street food and artisan beers.

Last on the foodie wish list is The Cake Event. This is a fundraising event for Free Cakes for Kids. There will be cake making demonstrations, competitions, cups of tea (and a bar) and lots of cake, my kind of event, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Well, the marathon can wait until next year.

bright woolFoxy

If food isn’t your thing, or you’ve had your fill, head for the Crafty Fox Market. ‘Crafting is the new clubbing’, apparently. If you’d like to know what this means, check it out for yourself. There will be designers-makers, workshops, DJ’s and drinks.

Crafty Fox Market, Saturday 12-5pm, Bussey Building Peckham

Pleasure at the Fairground

Three levels of fun in an office block in Shoreditch? Count me in. From the people who brought you Streetfest comes Fairground, a festival of music, food and art in a disused office block in Dalston. You couldn’t get more trendy than that. There will be a mix of DJ’s and live music, workshops and lectures and a range of different cuisines on offer.

Fairground, Saturday and Sunday, Dalston