Does Everything have to be Big?

Coloured pencils, red to blueIt is The Big Write this weekend, there is also The Big Draw  and The Big Dig, so the question is; does everything have to be big?

Hackney Flea Market

Vintage toy on a market stallOnce a month Stoke Newington hosts a market in Albany Hall. I used to live in what the locals affectionately call ‘Stokie’, and I have been a fan of the market from its humble beginnings. As the area has become more popular with trendy couples and young families, the credentials of this market have also grown. It now takes place over two days and not only has stalls of vintage ware, but artists and craft workers can sell their work, you can also grab some nice food and listen to music from an in-house DJ.

Stoke Newington is known to be popular with young families, expect it to be family friendly but busy.

Hackney Flea Market Saturday and Sunday from 10am, Stoke Newington

The Vikings are Coming

Visit the first major exhibition on the Vikings at the British Museum for over 30 years. The most striking feature of the exhibit will be the remaining timbers of a 37 metre long viking warship.

Sainsbury Exhibition Gallery British Museum, from 6th March.

There is a special Mumsnet event on 20th May where the exhibition will only be open for families to enjoy.

pencil crayonsThe Big Write

This children’s literature festival runs until 16th March and there are lots of activities to take part in. This weekend you can write a pop song and meet illustrator Nadia Shareen as she introduces her new book, Yeti and the Bird.

The Big Write, Monday to Saturday, 10-5pm, Discover Children’s Story Centre

It was World Book Day on Thursday 6th March so why not pop along to your local library to see if they have any events on, borrow some books and show your support. There are also plenty of activities on their website. World Book Day website