Back to School

Ok so The Boy went back to school two weeks ago but I’ve only just recovered from the ‘Holiday’!

Spending amost seven weeks with my little one was really precious, it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been made redundent so that is something to be greatful for (always look on the bright side of life…). It was truely exhausting but really great.

Now I’m alone in the house and it is kind of weird. There is so much I could and should be doing but motivation is actually quite hard to come by. As a working mum I barely had any time to myself but with an overactive imagination I dreamed big about all the stuff I would do if I only had the time. Now I have the time I find myself watching a lot of TV!

I’m hoping that my unconcious mind is actually working on a get rich quick scheme and any minute now, right in the middle of the Criminal Minds boxset, I’ll have a flash of inspiration.

Here’s hoping my numbers come up on the Lottery tonight!